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We currently have a male Bulldog puppy and a female French Bulldog puppy available to loving homes.  Please send us an e-mail or call for more information. 

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When you are browsing breeders websites for your perfect Bulldog puppy, make sure you look at the adult dogs.  Do they look like Bulldogs?  Would you be pleased if your puppy grew up to look like them?  A puppy will only be as good as the gene pool it comes from. 

Bulldogs have a reputation for being very expensive to maintain.  This can be true if you do not choose your breeder wisely.  Insist on health tested parents.  A vet check is not health testing, look for OFA certifications.  Look for a breeder that is heavily involved in the breed, who is a member of a Bulldog club, and who shows their dogs, you can be sure these types of breeders really care about the health and quality of the puppies they are breeding.   Look at all the dogs at the breeders home or kennel.  If you see obvious medical issues, chances are those problems will arise in the puppies at some point also.

When you take home one of our puppies you can expect your puppy to grow up to look like a Bulldog, not a boxer or a pitbull.  When you take your puppy out to Petco or the local dog park, people will point and whisper "That's a Bulldog" 

Our puppies are raised in our home with our family.  They are well socialized with children and other pets.  We provide a written health guarantee and a lifetime of breeder support for each of our puppies and their new families.  Our puppies are micro-chipped,  up to date on vaccinations and vet checked before leaving us.  You will get a sample of the food they have been eating, a puppy starter kit,  AKC registration documents , your puppy's pedigree and photos of your puppy and it's parents.

All puppies not going to show homes will be on limited AKC registration.

Available Puppies